I love my new hearing aids! It is a non-inconvenience to others. I no longer have the television and radio turned up all the way. I can now hear people clearly, so they do not become frustrated with me and have to continue to repeat themselves.
– Joseph B.

What I can now hear; music clearly. The Rain, Thunder, Birds. Kitty meow. The things normal people hear, like the bell on the clothes dryer. Being able to not only "hear" but decipher words of person in another room! Or myself breathing. I know odd- but I do have asthma- I can now hear it before I feel it.
– Paula C.

These lovely people helped me to get through college and become a teacher all through my beautiful glittery, purple hearing aids. I'm not ashamed to speak up for myself and ask for what I need anymore. Danette, and to all your sweet staff, thank you so much for changing my life and helping me be successful!!
– A.V.