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Hearing Happiness:Celebrating the Special Sounds of Grandparenthood

Today, my grandson turns one, and as I reflect on this past year, I'm reminded of the immense significance of hearing. In his brief time on this Earth, he has already experienced a multitude of sounds. Naturally, his initial sounds were cries – cries that are undeniably vital. When my own children were infants, I could always discern their needs through their cries. Crying can be tiresome. But even silence has meaning (My daughter and son-in-law will learn about that soon enough)!

There are other sounds that often go unnoticed by those without hearing. The gentle cooing, the delightful babbling, the enthusiastic yelling, and the hushed whispers. Consider the noise of lips forming bubbles or the heartwarming sounds of "Dada" and "Mama." I'm still waiting to hear "Grammy! My favorite!"

There's also the joyous sound of clapping, a milestone my grandson recently achieved. He has also discovered the chaotic noises that accompany pounding on a piano or tossing a block – the sounds of growing up, the soundtrack of childhood. However, amidst these various noises, there is one that stands out as arguably the most vital. This is a sound that some may never hear- the sound of laughter.

Fortunately, my grandson is a happy baby (well... MOST of the time). There is no sound better than his laugh. I love this sound most of all.

To those of you blessed with the ability to hear your grandchildren's delightful noises, I implore you not to take this gift for granted. Hearing their giggles, cries, and endless chatter is a privilege not to be overlooked.

If you experience hearing loss and have a difficult time hearing your grandchildren, there are things you can do! (Like scheduling an appointment to see your audiologist right away!)

So, Happy Birthday, Danny! I love you. I can’t wait for all the other noises you make in your life. And soon, “Grammy” will be my favorite sound.

A birthday hat in blue with the number "1" on it. This picture relates to this post as our owner, and head audiologist, Danette Jackson, with Integrity Hearing Services, talks about her grandson's first year of life on his birthday.The post reviews the sounds of his first year of life, and how important sounds are to her.

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