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Building a Fairer, Healthier, and Better Hearing World

Every year, the World Health Organization celebrates World Health Day to create awareness around specific health issues worldwide. In the past, it's highlighted essential health issues such as mental health, maternal and child care, and climate change.

This year, the focus is on "building a fairer, healthier world." As Covid-19 has highlighted, some have access to better health, while others do not. All over the world, many do not have access to healthcare, medical facilities, and healthcare education due to poor living conditions, income, education, employment opportunities, or inequality. Some have little or no access to clean water, air, and food.

The same goes for many healthcare issues, including hearing loss. Often, hearing loss is not a priority. If an individual with hearing loss doesn't have hearing health benefits, their hearing loss most likely won't be prioritized. Hearing health is essential to one's quality of life, especially as you age. Additionally, hearing loss could be an indicator of underlying health issues. That's why we advocate fiercely for hearing health education and access for our patients.

Though the long-term side effects of COVID are still mostly unknown, hearing loss is potentially among them. A recent study found that 14.8 percent of people infected by Covid in the study suffer from tinnitus, 7.6 percent have experienced hearing loss, and 7.2 percent developed vertigo. Auditory problems can arise from multiple viruses, including measles, mumps, and meningitis, damaging sensory cells in the inner ear.

For more information on this, check out the articles and sources below. If you are struggling with your hearing, the best next step is to schedule a hearing test with your audiologist.


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