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Some Things Will Never Change

Hello Everyone!

We’ve had some major changes in our office in the past few months that I am excited to tell you about. First, you may have noticed some of the physical changes around here. The outside of the building was painted (the entire complex got a new coat of paint)…and the much needed carpeting project has been completed. Everything looks, and sounds better!

You are already seeing our beautiful new website complements of Victoria Wagner! What do you think? We worked hard to provide a more user friendly platform for you to get in touch with us. We look forward to more improvements and blog posts coming soon.

We hope you have had the opportunity to meet our new audiologist, Dr. Larissa Anderson. She has been with us since September and is an outstanding addition to our team. Speaking of team, you can see the profiles of Dr. Larissa as well as the rest of the office on the Our Team page of the website.

Despite the changing faces and aesthetic of our office, some things will never change. We remain true in our commitment to integrity and compassionate patient care. We also remain ever dedicated to you and our Mission Statement:

We are here to help people hear so they can fully participate in their lives and the lives of the people they love.

People look at our mission statement and think it sounds nice, but wonder what it really means. At Integrity, we know when someone has hearing loss, no matter what situation they are in, they are going to face struggles. Different types of hearing loss will present their own unique set of difficulties and degrees. But the struggle remains the same.

They will struggle at work with co-workers, employers or employees. They will struggle to hear the cashier at the grocery store. They will struggle to hear the priest or pastor at church. They will struggle to hear on the phone. They will struggle to hear the television or radio. They will struggle to hear at school. They will struggle to hear at a restaurant.

They will struggle to hear all day every day!

They might put captions on the TV only to have their loved ones tell them they’re annoying to those that can hear just fine. They may be anxious in job interviews or professional settings. They are fearful that people will find them rude, or

think they are ignoring them. They ask “what?” “Huh?” and “Can you say that again?” too many times. Then people talk loudly and are shouting at them. People ask, “Are you wearing your hearing aid?” a little too snarky. This can be exhausting. This creates friction in relationships. This can create hardships at work. They get frustrated and the people around them get frustrated. It takes a lot of extra work to communicate.

After awhile, many people with hearing loss will stop doing some of the things that fulfill them. Sometimes people stop asking to join them. They stop going out to eat with friends, it's too much work. They will begin avoiding things. They

begin to withdraw, even within their own family. This is not right! This struggle blocks people from living their life to the fullest. This is why we do what we do. We want to help people hear so they can engage in activities that fulfill them with the people they love.

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1 Comment

Hello Danette and staff!

Well, I just wanted to say hello to you all from Justin, TX! We moved here from Puyallup

in April, 2018. It has been almost a year now. Things are different here because we are

living in a rural area. It is nice since we can see the stars and moon at night.

We raise chickens but lost two recently. Some neighbors stopped by and commented there is a hawk flying around who probably got them. So my son in law Donald built

a double wire cover over the coop. So far so good!

I will contact you and your staff and say hello one day soon.

Linda Wheeler


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